OTT offers fans the most direct and dexterous way to connect to the sports they love across multiple devices. As the sector grows, it also demands bespoke technological solutions for shifting challenges in platform development, content security, and near-live delivery. Find out more

The rapidly growing impact of women’s sport and the women working in sports has not been without its hurdles. Celebrating the trailblazers helping to open opportunities for the future. Find out more

Keeping pace with athletes on the field is not nearly as difficult as keeping up with the rapidly evolving technology off it. Understanding innovation isn’t merely about investing in the newest gadget, but strategically identifying the tools that will help achieve your long-term business goals within sports. Find out more

Although the predicted acquisition of live sports rights hasn’t shifted over to social media platforms as anticipated their role in sports can’t be overlooked. Whether being used as a second screen mechanism during live broadcast or a medium to share highlights and original content everyone in sports needs to have a layered social media strategy for connecting with today’s modern fan. Find out more

With its huge reach, sport has a unique opportunity to truly champion the cause of environmental responsibility. As the industry looks ahead to its live return, this is as good a time as ever to consider a more sustainable approach. Find out more

The economy of sports is an intricate web of relationships that are mutually dependent upon one another. Recognising the flow of currency is essential to understanding how the sports business operates, why organisations and individuals behave the way they do, and where all stakeholders exist within the wider ecosystem. Sign up for updates

The rise of digital platforms and social media has provided sports stars with greater exposure to build their personal brands, but a growing number of athlete entrepreneurs have turned to equity investments in order to sustain themselves outside of their playing careers. Sign up for updates

In an industry filled with alpha personalities it requires exceptional individuals to lead. This has never been truer as sports organisations look for guidance in navigating this most disruptive of periods. Sign up for updates

On-Demand events

The struggle for capturing consumer attention has never been more competitive, particularly considering the transition to digital media and its rapidly changing trends. If this wasn’t difficult enough ensuring the tone of delivery in the face of the current global crisis has never been more important.

The transition into the digital age has not been fully adopted by the world of sports. The industry is struggling to acclimatise to the new seamless and instant standards of operating, as well as a lack of integration with digital technology, leaving plenty of room for those in sports to evolve their business models. Catch up on what you missed!

Catch up on the second Insider Series which saw discussions centred around streaming and broadcast. At a time when there is no live-action to keep fans engaged, there was a great deal of knowledge shared on plugging the content gap.

In a world of self-isolation and social distancing exports now represents the best chance for many fans to catch live competition. Catch up on the inaugural virtual event with speakers from the likes of Riot Games, Fifa, and Team Vitality all assessing the future of competitive gaming.