Finance & Investment

2 September | 1 – 5pm BST

The economy of sports is an intricate web of relationships that are mutually dependent upon one another. Recognising the flow of currency is essential to understanding how the sports business operates, why organisations and individuals behave the way they do, and where all stakeholders exist within the wider ecosystem.

  • How has the Covid-19 situation impacted the business of sports and what repercussions will that have on the future?
  • What are the main investment trends in sports and what does that tell us about where the industry is headed?
  • What are the key considerations for sports organisations seeking to raise capital in an uncertain economic climate?

Sessions at a glance

Equity capital in the world of sports

2nd Sep | 13:00 BST

What do investment trends tell us about where sports is headed

2nd Sep | 14:00 BST

Financial fallout: FFP, salary caps, player contracts, and the impact of COVID on players

2nd Sep | 15:00 BST

Long term economic fallout of COVID and financial planning for the future

2nd Sep | 16:00 BST