On Demand

Digitising the fan experience

This edition of the Insider Series saw industry pioneers discuss the cutting-edge digital solutions revolutionising every aspect of the traditional fan experience. From dynamic ticketing and seamless identity verification to next-level hospitality and enhanced food & beverage services, discover how technology is driving truly disrupting the fan experience.

Shifting Expectations: The Evolution of Major Sporting Events

Major sporting events have the ability to uplift entire cities, communities and economies. But how can this positive impact be sustained long after the athletes and fans have left town? Hear how three major events, World Athletics Championships, EURO 2024 and Paris 2024 are enhancing their hosting strategy and event delivery to ensure long-term positive impact and legacy.

Generation Z

Gen Z are the most sought-after and difficult to reach demographic. Traditional strategies around sponsorship, marketing, content delivery and fan engagement aren’t fit for purpose to cut through to the next generation. Hear from leading sports properties and pioneering platforms on what they’ve already learned from speaking with Gen Z and how they’re evolving their approach to targeting the sports fan of the future.

The Business of Social

Social media is a centrepiece to a well-run sports strategy and its big business. Whether its growing, engaging or monetising your audience, social media platforms are a powerful tool and SportsPro’s Insider series will be sharing insights from the leading businesses using social media to achieve their goals. Hear from Wimbledon as they break down their social media strategy and performance from the 2022 Championships as well as TikTok and more as they share the secrets to using the platform to grow new audiences.

Emerging Tech, Data & Media

Sports properties are continuing to look to data to drive success both on and off the field. From player recruitment through in-game analysis, and fan interaction to business performance, this edition will offer discussion and insight in all areas affecting leading sports franchises, and how it is becoming increasingly important to turn to data to gain an advantage over competitors.

How to deliver a major sporting event responsibly

Major events are the heartbeat of the sporting calendar. They attract unrivalled interest and they create an unrivalled footprint. Ensuring that footprint is environmentally and socially responsible is not just a moral imperative, it is a financial one. Hear from leading businesses such as Wonderful Copenhagen, Laureus Sport for Good, and others about how to finance and deliver major sporting events responsibly, as well as ensure their legacy makes a lasting positive impact.

Hosting major events in a new world

 A continuous stream of major sporting events fill our calendars, but behind the scenes years of preparation and planning go unseen by fans.

Catch up On Demand to hear from a range of international stakeholders, from event promoters and host destinations, exploring the opportunities, challenges, and best practices for bidding and hosting future major events.

Harnessing the Power of Data in Sports

Major sports properties that have harnessed the power of big data and analytics have experienced game-changing results, both on the playing field and in the boardroom. Join Deni Batchvarova from TKO, premium sports and entertainment company, as she talks about how they use advanced analytics to transform all aspects of their operations, from marketing to fan engagement and ticketing. Then, take a deep dive into how analytics can be used in sports from fan engagement, to player analytics, to stadium revenue, and everything in between. Learn how the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform and the Snowflake Data Cloud are enabling businesses across the sports ecosystem to break down data silos, improve decision making, and predict sports outcomes.